samedi 28 mars 2009

Tsim Sha Tsui Graffitti

Kowloon Emperor Graffitti wiki, and his graffitti work
TSENG TsouChoi's graffitti used as wall paper in Kowloon Sim of Secondlife.

Kowloon Emperor Graffitti : photo call

拯救九龍皇帝街頭墨寶示威行動 /
Save Kowloon Emperor's Last Street Calligraphy Demonstration 328






曾灶財來自民間屬於民間, 與其等待無能的高官,我們何不自己設計保護方案,自己承擔起保護九龍皇帝遺址的責任!



手機﹕9270 6924

"拯救九龍皇帝街頭墨寶示威行動 / Save Kowloon Emperor's Last Street Calligraphy Demonstration 328"

Save Kowloon Emperor's Last Street Calligraphy Demonstration 328

For the past half century, Our late ' Emperor of Kowloon ' the great street artist Tsang Cho-choi had been restlessly writing on the face of our city with his handwriting, created the most monumental and colorful memory of our days, constitute the most fundamental identity as a myth in itself. Unfortunately, nearly two years after his passed away, the few remains street calligraphy of ‘his Majesty’ has been ruined one after one, caused by the lack of protection from the government, who not only once promised to all citizen that they would, it cause a widespread discontent around all the locals and internationals.

We deemed that to build up the protection and preservation of his last few remain public works is to be of great urgency. We could brook no delay. Whatever the incapability of high-ranking official, or one's own passively indifferent, ultimately would cause our most remarkable signature by ‘the Kowloon Emperor’ become vanished from the public in the nearest future!

Please stand up, propose our demand, and manage the reservation strategy together by this Saturday (28 March,2009) from 4:30pm, at Star Ferry pier at Tsim Sha Tsui, in front of the pole where Kowloon Emperor’s last calligraphy painted.

Fung man yee
Cell-phone : 9270 6924

Pls sign up and leave your contacts at the :

"拯救九龍皇帝街頭墨寶示威行動 / Save Kowloon Emperor's Last Street Calligraphy Demonstration 328" online petition at